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Capital Masajes

Osteopathy, massotherapy and chiropraxy. Quantum touch. Treatments for lumbago, sciatica, disk displacement. Monday to Friday 09:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Cerrito 1530, 11th floor C, Buenos Aires City.

Experiencia Nirvana

Massages for couples (1, 2 and 3 hours), chocotherapy, hot stones, winetherapy, nirvana fire, water, air and earth. Beauty treatments. Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00, Sunday 15:00-21:00. Honduras 4747, 1st floor, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.

  • Acupuncture Buenos Aires

    Lauren Dulberg. US trained and licensed Acupuncturist, TCM herbalist and nutritional therapist with a focus in pain management, emotional issues, fertility, prenatal services and general health/well-being - Reiki sessions and courses by Marcelo Sturgeon.

  • Adios Dolor

    Pain treatment centre. Acupuncture and moxibustion, chiropraxy, analgesic and therapeutic blockages, mesotherapy and mesopuncture, pharmacological treatments. Av. Santa Fe 1955, 1st floor A, Buenos Aires City

  • Adrian Kertesz

    Psychotherapy centred in the protagonist. Epigenetic model. Approach based on Comprehensive Psychology. Senillosa 174, Buenos Aires City.

  • Alma

    Wellness centre. PIlates, indoor cycle, gym, aesthetics and nutrition department. Chacabuco 257, Ramos Mejia. (West)

  • Aloe-Spa Salute per Aloe

    Spa combining typical spa services focused on aloe benefits for customer's body and mind. Located at Marinas Golf Condo at Tigre Delta. Av. Santa Maria and Canal Aliviador, Tigre, Buenos Aires North.

  • Argentine Acupuncture Medical Institute

    Courses. Medical attention by Dr. Diana Carballo (Director) or her team. Ramon L. Falcon 2335, Ground floor A, 1406 Buenos Aires City

  • Argentine Chiropractic Medical Centre

    Dr. Jose Alberto and Paula Carolina Baigros. Pain relief and medical chiropractics in a family setting. Neck, waist, head pains, scoliosis, disk problems. Av. Corrientes 1309, 2nd floor 5, 1043 Buenos Aires City.

  • Argentinian Medical Homeopathic Association

    Founded in 1933, the first homeopathic school of Argentina and South America. Homeopathic practitioners, courses and pharmacies. Juncal 2884, Buenos Aires City

  • Axa

    Products and devices for practising yoga. Installation of yoga centres. Training and classes, Monday to Friday 08:30-19:30. Bouchardo 2756, Martinez (North).

  • Birgit Brunshoj

    Chiropractor trained in Denmark. Adjustments for rigid joints, triggerpoint therapy and acupuncture to loosen tension in the muscles, preventive exercises. Treatments for dancers and athletes. Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00. San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.

  • Bonne Sante Massages / Spa Services

    Professional masseur trained in USA with over 15 years of work in five stars hotel of Palm Springs, California, Therapeutic work, relaxation and SPA services.

  • Break Through Center

    Bodywork services, massage therapy and Qijong known as Chinese Yoga assisting clients with stress, pain, depression anxiety and tension. Parana 631, 3rd floor, 6, Buenos Aires City.

  • Buena Onda Yoga

    Yoga classes in three centers, and private classes throughout Buenos Aires. All necessary equipment provided. Classes in English. Gorostiaga 1776, Buenos Aires City

  • Buteyko Argentina

    Developed in Russia by Dr KP Buteyko, the Buteyko Breathing Method provides natural, drug-free control of asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea and anxiety with increased energy levels and well-being. Santiago del Estero 145, 4 H, Monserrat, Buenos Aires City.

  • Capital Masajes

    Osteopathy, massotherapy and chiropraxy. Quantum touch. Treatments for lumbago, sciatica, disk displacement. Monday to Friday 09:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Cerrito 1530, 11th floor C, Buenos Aires City.

  • Centro Quiropractico Chalukian

    Centre dedicated to chiropractic science, art and philosophy. Additional services offered are physical therapy, global postural re-education and psychology. Alem 1549, Banifield, Buenos Aires (South)

  • Centro Zen BA

    Oriental therapies, massages, Moxibusiton, Auriculotherapy, Cupping, by ordained Dharma Teacher with more than 20 years of experience.

  • Chiropractic life

    Comprehensive Chiropractic care, with a first examination and a personalised suggested treatment, for all ages and medical situations. Entre Rios 1335, Olivos, Buenos Aires (North).

  • Consulta Homeopatica

    Dr. Ariel Gerardo Sardi, unicist homeopath. Allergies, skin, child, psychological, digestive and respiratory diseases, pain treatment, sexual dysfunctions, anti-age. Rosario 470, 3rd floor B, Buenos Aires City

  • De Rose Method

    Life style coaching metohod. Respiratory rehabilitation, stress management, muscular tone, flexibility, mental concentration. Av. Corrientes 2940, 3rd floor 7, Buenos Aires City and branches.

  • Diaz Yoga & Massage

    Sandra Diaz teaches Ashtanga Yoga and is a sports and remedial massage therapist and trainer.

  • Dr. Ana Yoko Tokuda

    Oriental medicine (acupuncture, auriculopuncture, moxibustion, chakras, sakura. Monday to Friday 09:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-12:00. Av. Pueyrredon 1433, 12th floor A, Buenos Aires City

  • Dr. Juan Carlos Pellegrino

    Unicist homeopath. Anasagasti 2016, 4th floor I, Buenos Aires City

  • Dr. Monek Guz

    Acupuncturist. Arthritis and arthrosis, gastrointestinal problems, nutrition and obesity, adult and child neurology, infertiliy and sterility, aesthetics, reflexology, veterinary acupuncture.

  • Dr. Patricia Di Matteo

    Unicist homeopath specialized in oncology and palliative care. Av. Rivadavia 4196, Buenos Aires City

  • Estrada Vigil & Medical Group

    Group of bilingual psychologists and psychiatrists working on focused psychotherapy, cognitive techniques, individual, family and couple therapy. More than 15 years of experience. Palermo district, Buenos Aires City.

  • Estudio Rosy Ramirez

    Yoga classes and shiatsu sessions for chronic pain, sports injuries, oseoporosis, arthritis, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, high blood pressure, prenatal, diabetes. Sound therapy (Tama-do). Adolfo Alsina 969, 3rd floor C, Buenos Aires City.


    Escuela de Tecnica Alexander is a teacher training course in the Alexander Technique approved by the Society of Teachers of this technique (STAT). Angel Carranza 1190, Buenos Aires City.

  • Experiencia Nirvana

    Massages for couples (1, 2 and 3 hours), chocotherapy, hot stones, winetherapy, nirvana fire, water, air and earth. Beauty treatments. Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00, Sunday 15:00-21:00. Honduras 4747, 1st floor, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City.

  • Family Chiropractic Buenos Aires

    Doctor of Chiropractic. Treatments for adults and children. Dr. Craig Ingram Penny studied in Life University, Atlanta, U.S.A. Office in Palermo district, Gorostiaga 1664, Buenos Aires City.

  • Flow Spa Express

    Spa massages include chair, Shiatsu, Californian, Swedish, Traditional Thai massages and Reflexology. Facial and corporal aesthetics, varied programmes for Spa rituals, Nap, Company services. Suipacha 527, Buenos Aires City.

  • Four Seasons Hotel - Cielo Spa

    The Cielo Spa offers a full range of massages and spa treatments based on the Germain de Capuccini natural product line, designed to relax, detoxify and harmonize the body. Posadas 1986, Buenos Aires City.

  • Halsa Health Center

    Medical and aesthetic staff providing customers custom-made treatments for relax and health and beauty improvement. Arenales 1815, Martinez, Buenos Aires (North).

  • Hogar de Yoga

    Health coaching, yoga, massages. Individual/group sessions, corporate wellness programmes. Practitioners certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA.

  • Iyengar Yoga Studio

    Stella Beguet, certified by B.K.S. Iyengar, India. Elongation, muscle strength, flexibility, relaxation and breathing techniques, asanas. Classes in English and Spanish. Fully-equipped studio. Av. Callao 1103, 9th floor I, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.

  • Jorge Gassetti - A Massage by an Author

    Specialized in Deep Tissue Work, applied to preventive and corrective treatments. Massage for dancers, sport massage and chair massage. Esmeralda 570, 11th floor Office 39, Buenos Aires City.

  • Kara Bauer

    Health and Wellness and certified Holistic Health Counselor. One-on-one coaching, holistic health programme, scheduled workshops and group events.

  • Katie Trigg

    Sessions of Alexander Technique for people with persistent pain, for artists that perform such as musicians, dancers and actors. Coghlan district, Buenos Aires City.

  • La Clinica de la columna

    International chiropractic centre led by Dr. Diego Mellino. Relief to tiredness, stress and many other diseases originated to a wrong aligning of the column. Av. Las Heras 2305, Buenos Aires City.

  • Loto Naranja

    Bodywork sessions to feel good physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki, Thai Massage, Back & neck massage, Foot Reflexology.

  • Luz Femenina

    Healthy hormones coaching programme aimed at treating the root cause of hormonal imbalance; includes 60 minute coaching sessions, 15 minute check-ins which can be in person, by Skype, Google hangout or by phone.

  • Mari Hodges

    Technique to improve balance and posture, prevent injuries, discover relief from pain, tension and stress, increases mindfulness, self awareness, conscious control of reactions and greater comfort in daily activities. Buenos Aires City.

  • Maria Furiol

    Yoga, stretching, relaxation classes based at Alexander Technique School in Buenos Aires. Short courses on Stretching for professionals, Evolved biomechanics for athletes and professionals.

  • Martin Aletta

    Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yoga classes for experienced or new pupils. Individual or group sessions at our studio or venue to be arranged with pupil.

  • Massage & Relax Therapy "Juncal"

    Massage, relaxation, relieving massage, sports massage, stone massage, physiotherapy, Thai massage, reflexology, muscle release for professional therapeutic massage. Juncal 2385, 1st floor B, Buenos Aires City.

  • Massage therapist

    Trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish massage, facilitated stretching, PNF, ART. Eight years experience in California, USA. At home or in studio. Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00.

  • Mater Cell

    Umbilical cord and placenta stem cell bank. Gallo 1228, C1425EFB Buenos Aires City

  • Nik Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai massage. Therapeutic, focused on bringing balance to the patient using acupressure techniques to stimulate blood flow, increase mobility, relieve tension, relax muscles and eventually rejuvenate the entire body.

  • Olivia Flaxman

    Life purpose readings and spiritual life coaching. Assistance in work life balance, meaningful lives, overcoming blocks and karma, discovering personal potential, and developing gut instinct and intuition. San Telmo, Buenos Aires City.

  • Orthomolecular Buenos Aires

    Orthomolecular centre specialized in medicine, welfare, aesthetics and physical training. Evaluations, treatment, equipment and techniques. Parana 1160, 1st floor A, Buenos Aires City

  • Oxzen

    A team of ballet dancers, Pilates and Yoga instructors provide a variety of personal and group classes. Diana Alcala provides Yoga classes in English. Cabello 3224, 6th floor, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.

  • Pamela Scorza Yoga

    Private and group classes with yogi and dancer, who has studied in the Anusara and Lyengar yoga traditions and is permanently studying anatomical and energetic systems of the body.

  • Ruth Mosqueda - Healing energetic massages

    Over 35 year of experience. Anti stress, pregnancy massages. Specializes with people with disabilities.

  • Shiatsu Argentina

    Shiatsu treatments for sports professional care, pain, motor rehabilitation, nervous and muscular tension, immune system stimulation, body control, blood irrigation. Viamonte 2031, ground floor B, Buenos Aires City.

  • Thai massage in Buenos Aires

    Traditional Thai massage performed by genuine trained masseurs from Thailand. Treatment of shoulder and neck pain, headache, lower back pain, hip problems and legs. Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City

  • Vertebralle Quiropraxia

    Marcelo Barroso Griffiths, chiropractor, Member of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations. Ciudad de la Paz 1499, Belgrano, Buenos Aires City

  • Vida Chiropractic

    English-speaking chiropractors. Carlos Pellegrini 331, 6th floor C, Buenos Aires City. Also in Lomas de San Isidro (North).

  • Ying Yang Pie

    Body massage: ying yang and de-constructing massage, lymphatic drainage, stone and slimming massage, shiatsu. Foot massage, reflexology. Skin cleansing, peeling, facial rejuvenation. Reiki, electrotherapy. Arenales 2189, Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.

  • Yoga Baires

    Group classes, yoga and pregnancy, yoga in businesses, private consultations, mentoring for foreigners, yoga therapy, accessories and products. Almafuerte 1433, San Isidro. (North)

  • Yoga Bhakti

    Hatha Yoga instructor Barbara Abeles is also a Psychologist and offers Yoga group and private classes in Acassuso area, Buenos Aires (North).

  • Yoga classes at home

    Personalized English speaking Yoga classes and tailored-made mini workshops, combining unique practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. Classes are held by teachers trained in India at venue of customer's choice.

  • Yoga Milenario

    Flexibility, muscle toning, stress control, relaxation, self-knowledge. Individual and group classes. Cabrera 4663, ground floor A, Palermo, Buenos Aires City.

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